Entry #33

Creative Block

2017-03-02 17:30:24 by WiLD11

I spent the last 2 days trying to come up with something to make, but I'm just stuck. I feel really damn stuck, I want to make something but I just bweh. I tried searching some more contract work but no one seems to be responding. I just can't come up with anything. How do you come up with ideas? 


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2017-03-02 18:04:51

when i didn't know what to make i asked someone how i could come up with somthing and he said that i should grab a peace of paper and write every word that comes to mind even the once that are totally rendom and just make somthing from the words you came up with mabey that will help otherwise i wish you luck (and you could always ask some people for an idea)
i hope this will help you ^_^

WiLD11 responds:

That's a good idea, cheers!


2017-03-02 18:06:51

To start,ideas happen naturally,so don't stress yourself when you don't have one as it will make it harder for your creativity to work.You can look everywhere for ideas(internet,news,even the world outside),you just need time and patience to find them.When you have an idea,put it on paper.Good luck!

WiLD11 responds:

I used to carry a paper notebook with me everywhere I went, and surprisingly that time was the most productive and creative time I've ever lived through. I should go back to doing that though. Thanks for the useful words :)


2017-03-02 18:07:07

Don't force it let it come naturally... Art should be a hobby not a career and everyone who turned it off it into a career regrets it to a certain degree...

WiLD11 responds:

I don't really regret making gamedev into a 'job' meaning I do contract work from time to time, since I love it. However when being creative is your main source of income it can be very stressful to keep up when not being able to think of anything. I do understand where you're coming from and it can be for some people. Thanks for the useful words though.


2017-03-02 18:39:28

I've been stuck for almost 2 months now :))))))))))))))