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Creative Block

2017-03-02 17:30:24 by WiLD11

I spent the last 2 days trying to come up with something to make, but I'm just stuck. I feel really damn stuck, I want to make something but I just bweh. I tried searching some more contract work but no one seems to be responding. I just can't come up with anything. How do you come up with ideas? 

One Year Older

2017-02-05 18:22:03 by WiLD11

It's my birthday today, didn't do much.

No one really knows how old I am, I don't know either so don't ask me. 


Ask me stuff

2017-01-22 15:16:48 by WiLD11

Ask something, might answer it


New Speyer Game

2017-01-01 22:29:10 by WiLD11

It's about birds and homeless people and bandits, I think you'll like it.


I'll post about it more indepth later its 5am 

New Year!

2017-01-01 11:01:36 by WiLD11



2016-12-03 07:51:57 by WiLD11



I've worked on this game for around 4 months now for a client and it is by far my favourite :D 




We still have some little bugs and polish to do and we'll be ready to find sponsors and portals.

I programmed the whole game in javascript using phaser and howljs, the team was really nice to work with. The artist was very excited to see the game and everyone gave off a friendly vibe so that made it relatively fun to work on. 



Go try it out and tell me what you think about it!



Update #999

2016-11-27 15:37:23 by WiLD11

Hello, has been a while since I posted here. Wondering if there is anyone still reading these things :p

I should start posting here again, anyone up?

Caveman's Encounter

2016-08-28 19:49:36 by WiLD11


Phaser 2D Game Dev Log

2016-07-27 19:45:09 by WiLD11


Trying something different

2016-05-18 18:12:02 by WiLD11

Been experimenting with different genres this year. Jumping from project to project.

Also doing a lot of client work this year, which has allowed me to save a bit of money, so that's cool :p.

At the moment, I'm working on 3 different projects, of which 2 are client work. The 3rd one, of course, being my own. 

I want to revive an old unfinished project of mine which had to do with building railways and something more tycoon like, the development has been going quite well on it. @Jathu decided to help me with this and jump on the development. It's something quite new for both of us, it being slower paced and casual will hopefully increase our range. So far I wrote a new UI, Camera and Tilemap system, which will hopefully speed up the process a bit.

The game is being written in HTML5 for now, allows us to be quite flexible and really get low level which will lead to some awesome results (hopefully!).

I'm aiming for this game to be released around July or August, things might change soon tough.

Oh yeah, I've been sticking with my uploading/streaming schedule on youtube and twitch recently which is awesome, those are growing quite quickly at the moment so I have no intention to slow down or anything.

Also been writing some mobile games that got sold to some companies/individuals. The mobile market is so different, it's also quite weird, and quite shady (sometimes). But it's cool that I got the experience now tough :P It's a nice skill to have and could come in useful in the close future.


That's all the news I have.




Links to social media and stuff :p

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