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New Year!

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2016-12-03 07:51:57 by WiLD11



I've worked on this game for around 4 months now for a client and it is by far my favourite :D 




We still have some little bugs and polish to do and we'll be ready to find sponsors and portals.

I programmed the whole game in javascript using phaser and howljs, the team was really nice to work with. The artist was very excited to see the game and everyone gave off a friendly vibe so that made it relatively fun to work on. 



Go try it out and tell me what you think about it!



Update #999

2016-11-27 15:37:23 by WiLD11

Hello, has been a while since I posted here. Wondering if there is anyone still reading these things :p

I should start posting here again, anyone up?

Caveman's Encounter

2016-08-28 19:49:36 by WiLD11


Phaser 2D Game Dev Log

2016-07-27 19:45:09 by WiLD11


Fin:Reloaded canceled :\

2016-04-13 13:16:45 by WiLD11

Yeah, knew it would come to this.

Both Stefan and I are filled with work... And working on it felt too forced and unnatural. Which is what I didn't want to do with this series. 


Maybe next year :\

Creative Block

2016-03-20 07:03:56 by WiLD11

This is why I haven't released anything yet this year...

Trying to get over it is pretty difficult, I've been trying to change work habits

and change the environment up a bit

but nothing seems to work yet 


Give me some time, sorry guys :'c



The FallAloneFallFar series, and where it's going

2016-02-13 21:17:46 by WiLD11

Stefan released FallAloneFallFar1 on August 30, 2014 


We were quite good friends at this time, so he let me take over FallAloneFallFar 2

My vision, take everything wrong with the original game, fix it. Which I'm very happy with how it turned out

Our plan was I would work on the whole game itself, Stefan would code servers/social media intergration and a possible website.

So we finished the game, and it did get pretty good feedback.

Oh yeah, also I met @saucybird during the process. He was glad to help with what he had. So big shout out to him.



Right, now its coming up to the 1 year aniversary of the 2nd realease. So we want to do something special. I want to turn the franchise around and do something new. I still want to keep the core which was it being infinite and very difficult. Those 2 things have been very important throughout. So we're sticking to that.


My vision for this one is an experiement. Which I hope will be for the better, something I never tried before.

So hopefully it will turn our way, also planning on a mobile port to come soon. However I don't know about that yet.

No, it won't be another faller game, hence why it will have a different name.

It will still have the character, Fin, who many people loved his style and mysterious look. Which is what I want to stay bold in this next one. I will post some updates on twitter once we have something good to show. 


Hope you all are excited! 


Also, thanks @Zayru13 for the support on the 2nd game.







Year round-off

2015-12-31 14:36:40 by WiLD11

So yeah...


I started this account sometime around March, I uploaded my first game (FallAloneFallFar2) which got pretty positive feedback, people made videos on the game and stuff it was a crazy and humbling experience.

Ever since then I've worked everyday, trying to make more content and things for people to enjoy. I've learnt alot and have had tons of fun in the process.

Thankfully because of that game I got to meet some awesome people (saucybird, jathu,redfur,thenoobdude) who helped me massively. So, thanks guys!


After faff2, I posted a few random games that were made in a day or a few weeks. One of those was Speyer74, which solidified my knowledge on the Adventure genre and storytelling. It was a strange game, that only a handfull of people understood and enjoyed for what it was. (you can read more about the game here: http://wild11.newgrounds.com/news/post/949115 so I don't have to ramble about it here.)


Right now, things are hectic. I'm planning to release 2 games pretty soon that I've worked on for a few months. Still experimenting with different genres and stories to tell and how mood is such powerful thing to control.But thats a part of game design.


Anyway, thats enough of me today. Follow me on twitter and newgrounds for more updates.


Happy new year and






2015-12-14 10:53:19 by WiLD11


So, I finished my game for Ludum Dare 34 Speyer74





The theme was "Growing" or "Two-Button Controls"

I decided to stick to Growing because I didn't wanna be limited by controls.



If you've played the game, you can probably feel how I felt during the development. So I don't think I have to write it here.



But anyway, my main focus for this game was to show that games don't need a ton of "Gameplay" to make it good. I wanted to send a message across and I'm glad the way it did.



I entered the "Jam" as the music wasn't mine, but the game was completed in 48 hours. I couldn't care less tbh, I'm just glad the game is out and people can play it.



My main worry for this game was people not understanding the message and just seeing it as a boring hold down right arrow and jump game. And people making smug jokes about the end part with ISIS and all that bullshit, but what can I do :p .


I took the theme "Growing" quite in a different way. Sure, you can grow physically in the game. But the main point many have missed (at least I think so) is that you're growing mentally. Which I thought would've been interesting to mess around with. I really loved how it turned out.




Anyway, love and peace <3 Laters.